Changes that are coming in future

Changes that are coming...
Some changes will appear weather they are good or bad,we should be ready to face them. 

  1. POSTOFFICE : We should be ready to face first is post-office. Currently it is known that they are in very deep financial trouble and it can't last for ever. Probably we are going to get a lot of junk emails instead of this postcards. Even in the further days we are going to vanish paper too..

2. CHECKS : Every year there are billions of dollars spending to process a checks. Now Britain is doing underground work to go away checks by 2018. If this really happens then this is gonna kill post-office completely.Then you are going to receive and pay bills by mail only.

3. TELEPHONE : Telephone is one of the fastest electronic goods that was spread in those days, at the same time we are going to leave it as fast as cellular came. Nobody will particularly use it unless they had a large family and using it for a long time, remembering that you are paying double charges for both services.

4. NEWSPAPER : Now a days the younger generation simply doesn't read newspapers, they just subscribe to internet newspaper. Even this revolution will occur when there is a lack of trees to produce paper. Any other way we should be ready to think it will be go away soon.Many major newspaper and magazine companies are contacting apple and other companies to make a subscription available.

5. Books : Do you say that you will never give up a physical book that was in your hand, but i changed my mind that i will buy in online and get the hard-copy of the file.Well probably the books may not lost forever but it stays in web world forever.

6.PRIVACY : The most saddest thing was to loose privacy, as the technology increases as fast we are loosing our privacy to the technology. Now a days a camera's are available in every street, Even the most of our complete information in internet cannot have the complete security. 

There are many other things that are gonna change, what do you think they are..