Smart Desktop For windows

Are you tried or bored of windows desktop, Check this cool software which makes your desktop a new look. Have a look at Screenshot and give it a try guys..

Now Available in full version
Instructions To know
smart desktop is a free windows application that enhances your desktop with a ton of cool is highly customized desktop application that will surely let you experience ,what does it mean. this application will enhance your desktop looks and desktop using exprience.

=======================================================================   This is a Full version of Smart desktop 1.0 
      Support: Windows Xp , 2000, Vista and windows 7

          ****Before running setup read this carefully****

      * * * *please install all fonts included in  this package :) ***
 1: If you are using Previous Beta Version of smart Desktop 1.0 , then please 

     first of all uninstall it. 

 2: Then install it through following Smart Desktop installer guide .

                    **** How to Use ****

To use  wallpaper tab .. you have to first add the image ,photo with JPG,or PNG   Or BMP,etc  support file by clicking " Add photos" Button in bottom. 

//Note : Don't Add Large amount of images ..application may be get little           problem .


To use Videos tab have to add video file by clicking " Change " button in thumbnail image .....

If you want to add more video, just click " add new video " button.


 In home tab you have to add Image folder Or file in to Photo Slideshow .

 For display your location weather have to enter the Zip Code or 
 you can simply add location ( Patna,India ) ...

Please  get your Zip code through Google search .