The Most Stylish USB Watch

Tokyo Flash Design always has some attractive concepts that you can only hope one day will come to market. The Konect Tokyo USB watch was designed by Olivier Demangel and
combines both a USB flash drive and Bluetooth headset into a very futuristic looking wrist device. The Konect Tokyo USB Concept Watch is the latest multipurpose USB drive. The advantage and deficiency signs of the watch turn into volume controls while listening music with it. The controls Ply and Stop, Next Track, and Previous Track are arranged at the bottom of the device.
Essentially, the features are indistinguishable as the Escape C watch with the possibility to use Bluetooth headphones and the USB key to store music or any PC data. Absolutely adorable and a very futuristic kind of concept watch design and I believe once it hits the markets it will be admired by the clientele, the reason behind its success is that now every person wants tech in his hands from cell phone tech till CD usage. Have a look this Stylish Konect Tokyo USB Watch Concept by Olivier from France.