Huge Cave Systems In Thailand

                            Huge Cave Systems In Thailand
In more than 30 years as a cave explorer, photographer and guide, John Spies - an Australian based in Thailand - has visited 85 caves, discovered incredible formations, documented prehistoric cave art, ancient underworld burial grounds, Buddhist temples and strange eyeless forms of life.
John has discovered caves never before visited by humans and his expertise in the field has led him to work with Sir David Attenborough on his acclaimed Planet Earth BBC television series.
John Spies stands at the entrance chamber of Tham Susa in Pang Mapha, Thailand, a filming site for BBC's Planet Earth
John runs the Cave Lodge guest house in northern Thailand where prices start from just £2 per night and adventure tours to the caves led by John can be arranged for only £12 for a group of five people. For more information see
Ian Robinson explores the Tham Pha Puak (White Cliff) Cave in Pang Mapha, Thailand
Shan Man Ong, standing on a bamboo raft, explores the downstream entrance of Tham Lod cave in Pang Mapha, Thailand
John Spies explores the Tham Lod in Pang Mapha, Thailand
Dave Pierce stands on a ledge at the entrance to the Tham Nam Lang cave in Pang Mapha, Thailand
Kerry Hamilton climbs a cave rope attached to bamboo scaffolding to scale a waterfall inside Tham Susa cave in Pang Mapha, Thailand
John Spies explores the Christmas cave, in Pang Mapha, Thailand 
Ian Robinson examines the Tham Pha Puak, or White Cliff Cave, in Pang Mapha, Thailand