Google Redirects Blogspot Blogs on Country Basis.

Image representing Blogger as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseLast Week Twiter announced its technology about their ability to censor tweets in the
countries,now its Google to censor blogger blogs on per country basis to enable the blocking of content
in coutries where censorship is needed.

                       The main reason why google is switching to country specific blogspots is to censor the
content based on country wise. Example: if you are visiting Indian users blogs from  you will be taken to in the URL. Currently this country redirects is activated to Indian users. In order to view your url with out country redirect use ncr(no country redirect). See my blog which shows the original url without any redirect. Currently Google is making 301 redirect. How ever this makes easy for country based censorship and it is a great backdrop for blogger users. NO effect will be shown for customized blog urls